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Since 1999 we've been the best source for vintage record needles, ready to ship today. We've added music image wear and accessories for the handmade and soft goods category. The studio for making totes, notable bibs, and other hand made gifts is right here in our old New England property.

Starting out on a BBS network of antique book dealers, we've expanded to include products of importance to book and music collectors. Record needles are shown for many turntables no longer made. LIFE Magazines show the impact of still pictures on the popular media's coverage of Americana, Luce-style. Specialized magazines from Boys' Life to Cavallaro (for Ferrari enthusiasts) occupy an honored place in our inventory. Books about music and even vinyl records supplement our well known presence on Amazon, ABEbooks, Discogs, and other convenient online market places:

MusicStack, Advanced Book Exchange, Amazon, biblio.com, discogs.com. jimdo.com.

Please contact us via email or telephone and let us know how we can serve you better.