Boys' Life Magazine August 1961

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Condition is VG-. Cover separated, worn. STORIES: SHORE-FIRE TRAP Robert Edmond Alter 9 QUINLAN AND THE CAT William F. Hallstead 14 THE STAR DWELLERS (Serial-Conclusion) James Blish 22 ARTICLES AND PHOTO FEATURES: THE WORLD'S FIRST MUSICIANS Edwin Way Teale 12 ZIT-KALA-SHA Stanley Pashko 16 A FEW WORDS FROM THE CHIEF .Joseph A. Brunton, Jr. 17 BOY WHO FIXED THINGS Gardner Soule 21 SUMMER IN SENEGAL Charles Pincus 25 INDIAN CAMPING William Hillcourt 38 COLOR SECTION 27 SUMMER IN SENEGAL ò PEE WEE HARRIS ò SOLOMON BECOMES KING OF ISSRAEL ò THE TRACY TWINS ò LAW AND JUSTICE ò FOR YOUR HARVEST FAIR ò SPACE CONQUERORS ò RETURN OF THE SEA OTTER ò ROCKY STONEAXE ò THE FAMILY OF MAN ò SCOUTS IN ACTION ò INDIAN CAMPING \r\n\r\nHARVEST FAIR ò CUB CORNER ò A TERRARIUM ò TOUGHEN UP ò INSECT COLLLECTION BOX ò ABOUT STAMPS ò SLIDE OF THE MONTH ò PATROL FLAGS ò COUNTRY FAIR POPCORN BALLS ò THE CLOCK THAT TELLS TIME BACKWARDS ò MINIATURE SHELL AND ROCK GARDENS ò NATIVE FISH AQUARIUM ò MOVIES OF THE MONTH ò WOOD COLLECTION BOOKENDS ABOUT THE NEW BOOKS Fran Smith 5 HOBBY HOWS 8 A FEW WORDS FROM THE CHIEF Joseph A. Brunton, Jr. 17 \r\n\r\nGREEN BAR BILL-KEEP YOUR FEET DRY20 GIFTS AND GIMMICKS 58 THINK AND GRIN 62 COVER: PEDRO, NOTICING the skier on our cover holds one arm close to his side, snorted, "What kind of form is that?" That, he was told, is the form (and person) of James Miles, 18. James ("Please don't call me Jimmy") has been skiing half his life. His 1960 record: 3rd, Boy's Tricks, National Waater Ski Tournament; 3rd, Overall, Jr. Dixie Water Ski Tournament; 2nd, Overall, All American Waater Ski Tournament; 1st, Boy's Tricks, Florida Championship Water Ski Tournament; 2nd, Tricks and Slalom; 1st, Men's Jumping and Overall, Acaapulco International Water Ski Tournament. "Oh," murmured Pedro, "that is a nice picture they shot at Cypress Gardens, isn't it?"
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